Native SNMPv3 in Python

I bemoaned about the lack of SNMPv3 support in Python here. Well bemoan no more pythonistas because now we have it. You'll recall that Ilya Etingof received one of the three grants awarded by the PSF to do this work. So thanks to Ilya and thank you Python Software Foundation! Sadly, I haven't yet gotten around to actually trying it yet...


The Guac NOC : Mission Control for Avocados

This is the coolest thing to happen to avocados ever. The Haas Avocado Board has launched avoHQ.com as part of its global avocado marketing campaign. Where else can you get near real time trend data for avocado market penetration? Make sure you watch their movie.

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Subterranean exploration, part 1

Join me as I journey into the underground so that I may mine a shiny red gem from the depths of the Subway project.

Looking around, something sparkly has caught my eye. What could it be? Why it's ( *rolls dice* ) docstring view templates using the @subway.method_view decorator!

This jewel of a feature allows us to use the docstrings from the methods in our controllers as our view templates. Here's a simple example which shows this treasure off a bit:

def echo(word="subway", count=3):
#for $echo in $echoes
#end for
echoes = [word] * int(count)
return echo.view()

Doesn't this seem like a quick and easy way to get a view written? Yes, I think that's the case. However, be warned that it doesn't support all the features that a real view provides. For example, the #extends feature from Cheetah isn't supported, while it is supported by a regular view.

Tune in next time for...something else!

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django gets a shot of WSGI

Noticed in my svn up this morning that django now as a WSGI handler. That means you won't have to run it with mod_python, nor apache for that matter. That'll make it much easier for people to start using it, and cut out half the converstation on #django, I think.

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Guacamole on a Stick?

Cheese stuffed, batter dipped, deep fried avocados! I'll take two please.

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django: The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

Hello, django. Nice to meet you!

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CherryPy, Subway, and Django news

Just spreading the word that the fun, easy to use, Python web framework, CherryPy, has released its 2.1 beta. It has come a long way since 2.0! Way to go team!

Given that is uses the above mentioned CherryPy as its controller, it is worth noting that the Subway project has released its first milestone here. You'll also find a simple example application called noteboard there that is an effective demonstration of some of Subway's nicest features. Yum!

Though promised to be out sometime this week, there's no sign of Django yet, but Adrian is presenting it to ChiPy tonight, so here's hoping we'll see something by tomorrow.

Take care.

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Welcome back, Avocado eaters!

Hello! And welcome back! It's been nearly four months since I closed the Avocado down. Since that time I've been t playing with small bits of python related web technologies like CherryPy and Subway. I'm gonna write about those things.

Since I last mentioned it, my friend's book, Higher Order Perl, was released and I even got a chance to read it. There's a ton of great stuff in there, but if you're a perl programmer, you'll find ways to make perl much more functional. If you're a python programmer, you'll probably walk away appreciating python even more than you did before. I know I did.

One last tidbit. A co-worker of mine wrote a python implementation of the perl module File:Tail. There are a few of them out there, but I suggested he put it on the cookbook anyway. It's filetail.py.

Take care.

p.s. I'm editing this so it lands on the python planet.

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