Welcome back, Avocado eaters!

Hello! And welcome back! It's been nearly four months since I closed the Avocado down. Since that time I've been t playing with small bits of python related web technologies like CherryPy and Subway. I'm gonna write about those things.

Since I last mentioned it, my friend's book, Higher Order Perl, was released and I even got a chance to read it. There's a ton of great stuff in there, but if you're a perl programmer, you'll find ways to make perl much more functional. If you're a python programmer, you'll probably walk away appreciating python even more than you did before. I know I did.

One last tidbit. A co-worker of mine wrote a python implementation of the perl module File:Tail. There are a few of them out there, but I suggested he put it on the cookbook anyway. It's filetail.py.

Take care.

p.s. I'm editing this so it lands on the python planet.

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