More python from my coworkers (pykpass)

Well, the world already knows about my friend Shumon's first public Python project, pykpass, because I saw it on the Daily Python-URL this morning and it's in the Cheeseshop too. Nice work, Shuggie!

This was Shumon's first attempt at wrapping a C library in Python, and I got to help him with a few tiny bits. In the process, I learned way more about the Python C API than I previously knew. I'm very glad I got a chance to answer those few questions. I'd appreciate it if some more experienced pythonistas could have a look at the work and offer their feedback. Thanks!

We have in our toolbox another useful Python module that wraps parts of the Cyrus SASL library using Pyrex that wants to be open source (it's publically available if you know where to look). Sadly, nothing ever came of that "effort". I think the way to getting it done is now clear though...

Take care.

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