Netflix Disappointment

Netflix recently announced that it was removing a feature from its service. It happens to be a feature that my family relies on. They say the decision is final and there's no indication that they plan to replace it. That said, we dropped two dvds from out account today and we'll drop the rest when they go through with it if not sooner. At least they made that part easy!

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Brandon Corfman said...

Had no idea there were even profiles on Netflix. Now that I see the feature described, it would've been great for my wife and me to use it. Although now I see it's disabled for anyone who hadn't set it up already.

I'm not surprised that more people like me didn't know about it -- their website is not very easy to use, IMO.

MattG said...

My thoughts exactly. I was waiting for them to expand this feature a little bit.. adding a bit more control, and ability to shift between profiles. We're probably going to drop one or two dvds from our subscription due to this. It was a very nice feature.

Pythonic Avocado said...

Netflix changes its mind about removing profiles.