Calculating the keytag of a DNSKEY in Python

In DNSEC, sometimes you want to know the "keytag" of a DNSKEY record. Here's a Python implementation that uses dnspython:

import struct

def keytag(dnskey):
Given a dns.rdtypes.ANY.DNSKEY dnskey, compute and return its keytag.

For details, see RFC 2535, section 4.1.6
if dnskey.algorithm == 1:
a = ord(dnskey.key[-3]) << 8
b = ord(dnskey.key[-2])
return a + b
header = struct.pack("!HBB", dnskey.flags, dnskey.protocol, dnskey.algorithm)
key = header + dnskey.key
ac = 0
for i, value in enumerate(ord(x) for x in key):
if i % 2:
ac += value
ac += (value << 8)
ac += (ac >> 16) & 0xffff
return ac & 0xffff


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