A part time Python job with YT

I'm switching to half time work in November (and there was MUCH rejoycing!) so we need someone to pick up all my slack. We need someone with these kinds of skills:

* Python, python, python, python, spam and python
* Web Applications (We use CGI and Subway currently, but TurobGears is close enough <wink>)
* Databases (MySQL, and the MySQLdb python module)
* Asynchronous programming (Twisted and/or Threads)

The job is in Philadelphia at the University of Pennsylvania, and we prefer someone who can be at the office as much as possible. This is a part time and temporary position.

Still reading? Excellent!

If you, or someone you know is interested, get that resume to spamfilter@macspeno.com. And feel free to ask any questions about the job either here or via mail.

Take care.

P.S. yes, that's my real email address.


Ned Batchelder said...

Cool! I used to work full-time at Penn, in the Computer Science department, supporting the Grasp Lab.

cielle said...

Nice job. Very technical.
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Anonymous said...

I will tell my friend about it.


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