Subterranean Explorations, part trois: The Change Things More

Greetings fellow Subway-ologists! If you recall our last two installments, please un-recall them because everything is different now. Better, if you will. Ahem, yes. Quite.

In part two, we learned about lovable little widgets. Oh! Who could forget those cute little snippets of Cheetah templates ready and able to jump to attention at a moment's notice?

Well, forget them, they're dead and hopefully buried. Get over it. Views can include other views so there wasn't really a need for them anyway. Pesky things.

And in part the first, I revealed the wonders of the docstring view. Pure simplicity and brilliance, but sadly lacking the power of the file based species who could extend other views.

Well, forget that, docstring views can now do that too. Excelsior!

And speaking of all things views, compiled views are now tidily tucked away so as to be unseen. They live in an app/views/.compiled directory and I'm quite happy about it. No more view droppings scattered about the pallor, no sirree.

Subway is nearing another milestone release, and the rumors have it that a "lesscode" 1.0 might not be too far behind. Got to beat the competition and all.

Until next time. Soon?

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