Plone: Adding Roles to Groups

I'm a complete Plone/Zope newbie. Let's keep it that way. Please?

If only I had seen this first:

Plone FAQ: How do I add a Role?

Here's a slightly more detailed how-to:

  1. At top level of your site's Zope Management Interface (ZMI), create the new Role in Security tab.

  2. Also in the same level of the ZMI, edit /acl_users/portal_role_manager by adding the new role (and make sure the name matches from step 1!)

  3. In Plone's site setup : Users and Groups Administration : Groups, you'll now be able to assign the new Role to a group.

That's it!

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Robert Brewer said...

...and you're *still* alive, all evidence to the contrary. ;) Sure miss your insight on #cherrypy.